Here are a few tips to go through the process of Newark Security rapidly. There's no doubt we live in a fast paced complicated world. The days of  showing up at the airport ten minutes before your flight leaves the airport is over. Check out these Newark travel tips, and you can execute the experience of Newark Security rapidly.

Prepare for the Flight at Home
Do your homework. Delays and wait times vary widely at Newark Airport, day to day or even airport to airport and terminal to terminal. Check the website of or Newark Airport website directly to find out in advance if there is any delays posted.  Newark (EWR) will allow you to check in online and print boarding passes from your home or office. Taking advantage of this will save you the time of standing in potentially long lines at (EWR) Newark terminal.

Avoid Checking Baggage
If possible, always avoid checking your bags. In addition to having to stand in line at (EWR) Newark Terminal to check in, you might also have to take your bag over to a giant x-ray machine to personally hand it to Newark personnel. You run the possible risk of loss or accidental damage.

Organize Your Carry-Ons
Select a good "personal item." Rollies are great for your one allowable carryon, but pick your second item wisely. Messenger bags and some laptop bags are great because they have multiple pockets that are easily accessible. As you approach security, these types of bags will allow you to easily access things you need to remove - like computers and your Ziploc baggie of liquids - and to easily store things that are liable to trip the metal detector, like cell phones, keys, loose change, and jewelry.

Footwear for Flying
onsider wearing slip-on shoes, and when you get past the Newark Agent that checks your ticket, go for the shortest line at the terminal and try to avoid lines that have a preponderance of people younger than ten or older than 90.

Get Through Security Quickly
Consolidate your bins. Try to get all of your personal items in one bin, unless you have a laptop, which needs to go on its own. Your clothing items should go first and save your main carryon for last. Be sure to stow your purse inside your rollie before you get to the x-ray line.

Always keep your Identification with you along with your boarding pass, as you may be asked for both several times. Also make sure your clothing is metal-free - like zippers - and know that you will likely be asked to remove any coats, jackets, zippered sweatshirts, hats and aluminum foil-wrapped food.

Finally: Get out quick.
Once you pass the metal detector, put on your shoes and belt, but save the smaller items for when you reach the Newark Gate. Be sure to check for all your belongings before you go.

Leave Yourself Time
Remember that two little things make all the difference: leave yourself a extra time when you walk out the door, and be nice to the people who are working security. You'll be surprised, a smile and a "have a great day" seem to make things go a whole lot faster!


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