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People always want to have the best taxi & limousine transportation everywhere near them so that can enjoy whatever they are doing. Sometimes people select some wrong options for them and they get in trouble after that. People always want to have something that they can do and enjoy the time they are passing. enjoyment can become a trouble if the safety rules are not being observed and so is the case of driving the vehicles. If the vehicles are being by people who are not at all paying attention in driving it then there are chances that one must engage in any kind of trouble or might have an accident. This must never happen because it is very dangerous and enjoyment without safety is very dangerous.

When people hire our Taxi Services, we always keep the safety as the basic thing because when we are driving carefully the chances get very less and similarly if the driving is being done carelessly then the same vehicle becomes dangerous for everyone. Last night a motorcyclist got hit in to a tree and he died at hospital because of some serious injuries. The authorities are investigating the crash that what was its cause but all the vehicle drivers should remain very active and only concentrate on driving. They must leave everything else as nothing is more important than life. Sometimes people drive carelessly as they are doing this in enjoyment but they hit someone else and in this way their enjoyment can ruin someone’s life. 

The Newark Limo service is hired by people for special events like parties, and many other events like that and everyone is happy on these events and they want to enjoy but we are always trying to keep our clients safe so that they remain alright and they do not have to experience anything bad on the occasions like these. The motorcyclist was thirty three years old and was a local resident. The reason for the crash is still unknown and authorities want to know that how fast was the speed of that motorcyclist. Over speeding is itself an offence and we are very strict about following the rules so that we do not have to engage in any criminal activity by breaking the law. It is very important to observe traffic rules as they can easily save us from many different situations that will create trouble for us. .

We always reach at the place from where we have to pick our clients so that we can easily reach to the destination on time without any over speeding. All the services that you avail must be professional because it is better for you to hire a good service as the vehicles and the drivers matter a lot.

Q: How do I book a Newark taxi?
A: You can easily book an airport taxi by phone, fax, online, e-mail, or regular mail. Taxi Service uses a state-of-the-art reservation system that helps reduce the possibility of human error. It has also enabled us to serve our clients more promptly and efficiently.

Q: Can I negotiate a flat rate for Taxi or Limousine Service?
A: Yes! However, you must contact us to get a price quotation based on the departure and destination points you provide, or simply by entering the name of the place located in the Estimated Rates page. The estimated rates we have provided are, for the most part, fairly close prices of what you are expected to pay. Gratuity is not included in your price quote.

Q: Does Taxi Service offer bonus to frequent travelers?
A: Frequent travelers going on long trips may qualify for a bonus or complimentary rides. We will either offer a bonus program for utilizing our taxi services and/or a flat rate of discount. Please check with us about available bonus programs.

Q: How many passengers can ride in a taxicab?
A: By definition, a taxicab can fit as many people as seatbelts are available in the vehicle. This criterion includes the driver. Cars usually fit four up to (4) persons, while minivans can fit more. If you have a larger group, you may then have to reserve more than one (1) vehicle. If you have any questions regarding vehicle capacity, please feel free to contact us.

Q: May minors, under eighteen (18) years of age, ride alone in your taxicabs?
A: Unfortunately Not! Passengers must be eighteen (18) years of age or older to ride alone in a Taxi Service taxicab or Limousine, unless special arrangements have been made ahead of time and approved by Taxi Management.

Q: If I book a taxi ahead of time, to go the airport or the train station, will I be picked up on time?
A: Yes, under normal weather and traffic conditions. Taxi Service policy prioritizes advanced reservations over short-noticed calls.

Q: Does Taxi Service dispatch vehicles to street corners or places where major events have taken place, such as sporting arenas?
A: For the most part, we do not, unless the reservation is made ahead of time. You need to provide a telephone number so we can contact you upon the vehicle’s arrival. In some instances, you may ask to provide a credit card. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q: Does Taxi Service arrange tours or sightseeing trips?
A: Yes. For this type of service, we select an operator from our Platinum Chauffer Driver program.

Q: Am I better off by reserving a Taxi Service taxicab over a Taxi Service Sedan or Taxicab shuttle service, or drive my own to a valet parking in the airport vicinity, or by renting a car?
A: This is your personal choice, and it depends on your budget. American Empire Limo Taxi is a highly professional and cost-effective service. When making a reservation to go the airport, train station, or out-of town, expect to get a well-maintained and cleaned vehicle, driven by an experienced and affable operator. If you have any doubts, try our service and see for yourself: you will not be disappointed.

Q: How do I go about reserving a Van?
A: Currently, the Taxi Service minivan fleet comprises of several Minivans utilized mostly for shuttle service. Due to this limitation, we have a twenty four (24) minivan advanced reservation policy. Specify to the call taker why you need to reserve a minivan. As with any other reservation, our policy is based on normal weather and traffic conditions.

Q: Do you provide infant seats?
A: No. Currently, the state of New Jersey does not require that a rider needs to have an infant seat when riding in a taxicab or a livery service. If you want to provide your child seat, we can do it. This works well, particularly if you need a return trip. We can keep the infant seat in storage. When you return, the assigned driver will have the child seat ready for you in his vehicle.

Q: Can I book a taxi on the same day I am traveling to Newark or JFK or LaGuardia or Atlantic City Airport?
A: Yes-but we strongly recommend that you make the reservation in advance. Allow yourself sufficient time, to avoid unforeseen problems. Depending on the pick-up address and time.

Q: What areas does your Taxicab and/or Limousine Service serve?
A: We serve the Tri-State area-comprising Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, New York, (the five boroughs)  Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, NYC and Connecticut.

Q: Do you pick up from regional airports?
A: Yes! Yes-but we strongly recommend that you make the reservation in advance. Allow yourself sufficient time, to avoid unforeseen problems. Depending on the pick-up address and time.

Q: Can you pick me up from the Newark International (EWR)?
A: Yes! Our specialty is Taxi Limo Sedan Transfer Service. When making the reservation, you need to provide us with a phone number, the name of the airline, flight number, and the expected arrival time. American Empire Limo Taxi manages a large and well-organized fleet at Newark Airport.  Taxi Service Taxi can get you picked up within minutes, under normal weather and traffic conditions. You need to phone us first, indicating that you have already arrived and retrieved your bags, if you have carry-on luggage only, please call us when you reach the gateway. Depending on the terminal your plane has landed on. Please make sure you go to the designated terminal, to avoid problems. Rest assured that you will ride in a clean and well-maintained vehicle, operated by a friendly and licensed chauffeur, to get you safely and promptly to your destination.

Q: Is Taxi Service a certified dispatch?
A: Yes- we are certified, regulated, and bonded, in accordance to the New Jersey Parking Authority Regulations.

Q: Are Taxi Service drivers certified?
A: Yes- they are certified by the state of New Jersey. Drivers must clean criminal and driving records, complete a three (3) day training class and successfully pass an examination. In addition, Taxi Service Taxi drivers are required to complete a Drivers' Workshop every year.

Q: Are Taxi Service drivers employed by Taxi Service Taxi?

Q: Can I pay the fare by credit or debit card?
A: Yes-all our vehicles have paying terminals (POS) installed in the passenger area. The law requires drivers to accept credit and debit cards from the riding public. If, for instance, the system has a malfunction, please call us immediately, so we can process the credit card from our office.

Q: Can I prepay a trip for me or another person?
A: Yes- our friendly staff will be delighted to assist you in processing this type of payment option.

Q: Can I open a corporate account?
A: Yes- Taxi Service welcomes both professional and corporate charge accounts. This is a very convenient way of doing business for companies offering transportation service to their workforce or complimentary rides to their visitors. To find more about opening a business account page, please go to the Corporate Charge Account page.

Q: If my car breaks down and I am stranded on the road, will I be able to get help from Taxi Service Taxi?
A: Yes, for the most part, depending on the location, weather, and traffic conditions. Before calling us, find out exactly where you are located, provide a contact phone number, and provide us with credit card.

Our customers are always looking for reliable Newark taxicab service. Customers would like to have the best taxi & limousine transportation at a reasonable price for airport transfer. Sometimes customers select the wrong option when it comes to taxicab service and base their decision totally on price and neglect service. Our Taxicab service or Taxi service is trouble free. Your transportation safety is our first concern which is why we observe all the safety rules.

When people hire our Taxicab services we always keep safety as the primary concern. Driving carefully is job one for safety. The Newark Taxi Service is hired by customers who would like a flat rate for airport transfers as opposed to being charged for waiting time and additional fees for luggage or additional mileage. 

We always reach your destination on time!  All the taxi services that we offer are professional. There are several taxicab  companies that work at the airport and others that have the words “airport taxi” in their name, but there is only one true AIRPORT TAXI SERVICE with great service and flat rates. We set the standard for cleanliness, timeliness, and customer service in  - NY - CT and PA.

We are a tri-state area wide, full service, 24/7/365 Limousine Taxi Service Company. Our Taxi service specializes in trips to AND from Newark - JFK - LaGuardia - Atlantic City and more.  We also provide rides to all cities, suburbs or any other destination. All of our vehicles are clean and prepared for your journey. Our vehicles are newer models and undergo the industry's most rigorous maintenance schedule, while our drivers are all extensively trained in defensive driving and attend customer service training classes prior to hire.

Advance reservations are dispatched with large lead times making our service especially timely. A portion of our fleet is stationed at Newark and can immediately respond to pickup requests from either terminal. Simply collect your luggage and call our service from the baggage claim area. Then meet your Taxicab at the "Pre-Arranged Taxi" area.   Our drivers are all very friendly and gladly accept credit & debit cards, cash, and corporate account service.

Taxi is part of our Taxi Service. We have a tremendous competitive advantage that other taxi companies simply don't have, and another reason why we are the airport premiere taxi company.

If your looking for Newark Service or Taxi Flat Rate Service Contact Us! If your looking for Newark Liberty Taxi Service or Taxi Rates contact us for flat rate specials. If your looking for Taxi Prices or Taxi Fares, we have flat rate Transfer rates and run specials all the time.

Whether you select one of our  Taxis or our  Limos, you can expect  first-rate Limousine Transportation Services from Taxi Service. We have been providing impeccable  Transfers,  Airport Transfer Service and providing  airport Limos for over 15 years.

Our limo fleet boasts modern amenities that you will enjoy every minute of the ride en route or from Newark New Jersey airport via our  limousines.  Taxi Service is an an unsurpassed New Jersey airport taxi service that possesses the highest standards of quality. We provide New Jersey Taxi Service with one objective in mind, to exceed your expectations!

Each  airport taxi chauffeur of American Limousine Empire sets you up for the grandest ride in New Jersey. Our New Jersey airport taxis, limos and   taxi services, have the friendliest chauffeurs who underwent, not only safe driving trainings, but also seminars to help them achieve customer satisfaction. From the Newark Airport, to your destination. Our  Limo Service or  Taxi Service gives you the confidence and guarantee of a safe and sound ride.  We possess the most luxurious  Taxi Service in New Jersey.

Our New Jersey Taxi Service & our  Limousine service give you the comfort and privilege to indulge in a first-class ride that is very cost-effective. We provide the most affordable  Taxi Service with our complete line of limousines and Taxis.

As a Newark Taxi and luxury transportation service, Taxi Service would like to be your airport shuttle limo and taxi service. Our limousine services include trips to all major airports, as well as corporate excursions. We are a provider of   limo services to and from New York City, New Jersey and Newark Airport. We offer   limos and   taxi service to and from Newark Airport.

Our   limo rates can not be beat. Our   taxi service is the cheapest. We are highly competitive and we accept all major credit cards. Corporate limousine accounts are available upon request.

Our limousine drivers are professional, courteous and dependable.

We are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Local and long distance  Limos, New Jersey Limo rides to & from all Airports, You name the destination, we'll take you there.

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